Why Athletes Make Great Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and athletics are two arenas that, on the surface, might seem worlds apart. However, the skills and mindset it takes to be a star athlete are just what you need to make it as an entrepreneur. At WinWon, we're all about celebrating that athlete spirit as we build. And we're pumped to see the athletes we support take those hard-earned skills from the field or court and turn them into startup success stories.

Let's break it down and explore why athletes are a perfect fit for entrepreneurship.

Team Dynamics

In the world of sports, it quickly becomes clear that individual talent alone is not enough to achieve victory. The real triumphs come when teammates unite, each person playing their role and blending their skills into a cohesive unit working towards a common goal. This same principle applies to the entrepreneurial arena, where the collective effort of a strong team is vital for any startup's success.

Athletes understand the importance of collaboration, effective communication, and leveraging each other's unique strengths. This collaborative mindset serves entrepreneurs incredibly well as they strive to bring their innovative visions to reality through collective effort.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Goal-setting is ingrained in any athlete's mentality - whether it's winning a championship, breaking a record, or achieving a personal best. Similarly, this focus on measurable achievements is precisely what entrepreneurs need to transform their ambitious ideas into realities.

But athletes don't just set lofty overarching goals; they excel at mapping out the incremental milestones required to get there. Coupling this long-term vision with an unwavering determination to check off each milestone along the way is a potent combination that drives startups towards remarkable success.

Dedication and Sacrifice  

Athletes understand from a young age the countless hours of intense training, the strict adherence to rigorous schedules, and the sacrifices in their personal and social lives that are required to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

This level of commitment and discipline is equally crucial for entrepreneurs. Building a successful company demands a willingness to dedicate oneself to the venture, often sacrificing personal time and financial security in pursuit of bold business objectives. Having honed this mindset through sports, entrepreneurship becomes a natural transition for the athlete.

Win or Learn

A key tenet in sports is the ability to view setbacks not as failures, but as opportunities for growth and improvement. Athletes are conditioned to learn from every win or loss, continuously evolving their strategies.

This resilient growth mindset is indispensable for entrepreneurs navigating the course corrections that arise when starting a new venture. Like athletes, the most successful entrepreneurs embrace mistakes as lessons.

Journey Not Destination  

For the true athlete, the greatest value lies not in achieving a single milestone, but in the journey itself – the daily practice, the incremental progress, the relentless pursuit of self-improvement. It is this very appreciation for the process that sustains elite athletes through the ups and downs.

This mindset of valuing the journey over the destination perfectly aligns with the entrepreneurial experience. Building a groundbreaking business is not about reaching one finish line, but rather an ongoing process of growth, learning, and continual adaptation. The athlete's ingrained dedication to the journey makes them well-equipped to navigate entrepreneurship.

Belief in Oneself

At the core of every great athlete lies an unwavering self-belief – a confidence in their abilities that precedes any external validation. 

The ability to tune out doubters (including oneself), focus on the task at hand, and perform at the highest level is a commonly shared trait of the all-time great athletes. Imagine the internal fortitude required to break social barriers (think Jackie Robinson), physical barriers (think Roger Bannister’s first 4-minute mile), or sustain greatness (Serena Williams’ 23 grand slams).

Entrepreneurs need to summon this same steadfast belief in themselves and their vision. In the face of naysayers, their conviction must remain unshakable as they work to turn bold ideas into reality - against all odds. Having developed and strengthened this self-belief through athletic pursuits, entrepreneurs gain a potent edge in overcoming entrepreneurship's hurdles.


The undeniable parallels between elite athletics and entrepreneurial excellence explain why so many athletes possess an innate capacity for startup success. The tenacity, teamwork, goal-orientation, dedication, resilience, process-minded mentality, and self-belief honed through athletic achievement are remarkably transferable to the entrepreneurial journey. 

As we continue to witness athlete-founders breaking new ground, it becomes ever clearer that the convergence of sports and entrepreneurship catalyzes unique opportunities for greatness.

If you're a student-athlete eager to apply your hard-won talents to the entrepreneurial arena through an internship experience like ours at WinWon, we're eager to hear from you. Reach out, and let's explore joining forces on your path to startup excellence.


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Why Athletes Make Great Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and athletics are two arenas that, on the surface, might seem worlds apart.
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