Your Teammate that Never Quits

Streamlining athlete management so you can focus on the team

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Automated academic review

No more data collection.

Automate Information Gathering

Automatically pulls in grade information - all you have to do is review.

Eliminate Data Entry

There is no need to create a spreadsheet or print a transcript ever again.

Centralize communication

Once an athlete as cleared, their coaches know. In real-time.

Centralized Scheduling

One Department Calendar

A centralized calendar lets everyone see the events they need.

Maximize Facility Usage

With easy to use calendars, your coaches can get the most out of campus.

Automate time tracking

Effortless tracking of the time your students spend in athletics.

Streamlined communication

Everything you need to know about your athletes, in one convenient place.

One source of truth

Coaches have one place to look for everything on their athletes.

Elegant roster tools

Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, nicknames and misspellings.

Unique permissions

Customized experiences gets the right information to the right places.
product ui

Hear from people we partner with today.

Partnership with WinWon is like having another full-time employee on staff.

Steve Wilson

Director of Athletics

We have loved working with the WinWon team and are excited about what our partnership will bring over the coming years.

Paul Gavin

Athletic Director

The WinWon team's work is incredibly helpful .... they ensure their software aligns with what our coaches need.

Susan Decker

Athletic Director


Find answers to common questions about our product.

How long does it take to get started?

WinWon can be fully up & running in less than a week. During a brief onboarding call, we gather all information we need to build your customized platform. It then takes less than a week to have the platform up and running.

How many users can I have on WinWon?

WinWon supports up to 50 users per school. We recommend creating log-ins for all athletic trainers, administrators, athletic directors and coaches. We offer one-on-one training to all users on the platform and tailor our onboarding sessions to each person on the platform.

Does WinWon help coaches communicate with recruits?

Yes. Our recruiting product supports mass text communication with recruits, and allows an entire coaching staff to stay up to date on each recruit through a state-of-the-art profile system.

What is customer support like?

WinWon starts every program out on the right foot with a hands-on, in-person onboarding led by the WinWon team. We offer scheduled weekly calls and updates and 24/7 communication directly with WinWon leadership for support.

We value our partners feedback, and regularly release features based on the conversations we have together.

Is WinWon equipped to handle student information?

Yes. We are FERPA Certified and SOC2 Compliant.

What school information systems do you work with?

We are able to work with all school information systems.

How do I get started?

Please schedule a demo with us today, and we'll mutually evaluate if WinWon is a good fit. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form under "Contact Us".

Who is WinWon for?

WinWon is for everyone who works with student athletes: those that support their academics, their wellness, and their performance. We create custom user profiles for everyone in your department: coaches, athletic trainers, compliance, administrators and athletic directors.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.