Alex Hanley

CEO & Co-Founder

To Alex, athletics is a gift - among the most formative gifts that we are given. She traces her most foundational values to lessons she learned on the court. She often says that sports taught her how to "get back up." Day-to-day, Alex clings to the mantra "keep playing," reminding herself to persevere no matter the circumstances. Much like her mentality in a basketball game, she knows that the best way to do anything (such as founding a company) is to play like you just took the lead. She wants to make sure that athletes from all backgrounds have the opportunity to play, and learn the same lessons from sports that she was fortunate enough to be given.

Alex is a lifelong athlete. Her journey started with basketball, culminating in four years on her varsity basketball team. Today she is an avid marathoner, recently running the 2023 Berlin Marathon and now training for her third New York Marathon. Alex has her eye on completing the Abbot World Marathon Majors.

Her prior roles span multiple industries, including high growth technology, investment banking and private equity investing. She graduated from Princeton University.